WIRED co. Specialist Coffee Shop NW6


Using seasonal blends and Single Origin Beans roasted by London coffee pioneers Climpson & Sons our talented team of Baristas always strive to maximise the taste and flavour profile of every coffee we serve.   

Starting with always precisely weighing every shot, a combination of science, technique, skill and latest equipment ensures that your espresso is extracted expertly.  

Should you want milk ours is always organic and steamed to a silky and shiny consistency at the perfect temperature.  Dairy Free including Cashew, Almond and Bonsoy are available. 

Our single origin Filter Coffee showcases a more delicate balance of flavours and can be savoured when served as a V60 pour-over, Aeropress or Batch Brew for those in a rush.  We’re excited about our triple filtered Cold Brew method a refreshing ice cold drink with natural floral and fruity notes of the bean.


Our evolving food menu includes options for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Light Bites which are all served from open to close. Check the below tab for a sample of our current Menu.

New breakfast additions include Primal Porridge (GF Vg) and Chia Pots (GF Vg), our take on Avo on Toast served on Rye Bread / or Buckwheat (GF) as standard, now sits along with our ever popular Focaccia Sandwiches and our “old school” Cheese Toasties on sourdough.  We are proud that are bread is supplied by the Modern Baker, which means always 100% Organic, chemical and pesticide free, low in gluten, made using traditional stoneground grains, and driven by taste, nutrition and quality.

Watch out for weekend Brunch additions. 

Our team are happy to recommend any Low Sugar, Protein, Vegan, Raw, Without Gluten or Non Dairy items that we offer. 

Superfood Smoothies are great for anytime of day whether your required benefit is purifying, cleansing, pre or post workout boost or delicious pick-me-up, our carefully selected ingredients are packed with nutrients.


Super Food Smoothies

Coming Soon